To extend the rental period, simply contact us.

We are happy to discuss the options for extension and ensure a smooth transition to extending the rental of the vehicle.


We are here to ensure that your mobility needs are met in the best possible way.

Yes, we accept reservations for young drivers.


To rent a vehicle, drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving license for at least 1 year. For drivers aged between 21 and 25, an additional daily fee of €5 will apply, with a maximum limit of €50 per rental.


This additional fee is applied to cover the costs associated with insurance for younger drivers and is reflected in the total cost of the rental. For more information on our rental policies for young drivers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help make your car rental a simple and affordable experience.

No. You need to have a credit card to pay the tolls. VIA VERDE

All the rest can be paid  in cash.

Yes, it is possible to rent a car in a hotel or villa.


For convenience, we offer this service free of charge within a 12 km radius of our office.

Outside this radius, an additional fee will apply to cover the cost of delivering and collecting the car. The amount of the fee varies depending on the distance from the drop-off/pick-up point to our office, ranging from 10 to 40 euros.


This additional service ensures that the car is delivered directly to the desired location, giving you greater convenience during the rental process. Please contact us for more information on the rates applicable to your specific location.

Yes, it is possible to cross the border while renting a car.

To proceed with the border crossing, follow these steps:

- Inform us of your intention to cross the border before starting the trip.

- Activate the insurance for this additional cover.

- Pay the one-off fee* of 40 euros, which will be applied to activate the border crossing insurance for the duration of the rental.


*This fee is intended to ensure that the vehicle is properly covered for the border crossing and to provide the necessary assistance in the event of any incident during your cross-border trip.


Yes, all our cars are equipped with air conditioning.

To ensure your comfort during your journey, all our vehicles are equipped with efficient air conditioning systems. No matter which model of car you choose, you can be sure that you will enjoy a cool and pleasant environment inside the vehicle, even on the hottest days.


If you have any additional questions about the features of our cars, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you with a comfortable and convenient car rental experience.

1. In the event of a breakdown:

If you experience a breakdown during your trip in Spain and you are covered by the insurance authorized for that country, follow these steps:

a) Contact us immediately through our communication channels.

b) Check the copy of the insurance inside the car for the roadside assistance number.

c) Contact travel assistance for fast and effective assistance.


2. In the event of an accident:

If you are involved in an accident while driving in Spain, follow these procedures:

a) Contact us immediately after the accident.

b) Call the police to report the accident. This step is crucial to documenting the incident correctly.

c) After reporting the accident to the police, contact us to report the situation and receive further guidance.


Important Note:

Please keep in mind that we do not consider accidents that have not been reported to the Police. To ensure a proper resolution and the protection of your rights, it is essential to follow the appropriate procedures in the event of an accident or breakdown in Spain.

SIPP (Standard Interline Passenger Procedure) codes are a standard in the car rental industry, allowing customers to easily compare different car models. While reservations usually show a visual example of a car make/model, it is important to note that the same model is not guaranteed on delivery. What we do guarantee is to supply a similar type of vehicle.Due to the possibility of example images being misleading due to zoom effects and photo angles, and considering the vast variety of models around the world, it is essential to standardize procedures so that customers know exactly what they are booking.Consult the list below to create a four-letter code that meets your rental needs:1st position (Car size)- M = Mini- C = Compact- E = Economy- I = Intermediate- S = Standard- F = Large- P = Premium- L = Luxurious- O = Huge- R = Recreational- X = Special2nd position (Number of doors)- B = 2/3 doors- D = 4/5 doors3rd position (Transmission/gearbox)- M = Manual- A = Automatic4th position (Fuel/a/c)- N = Fuel not specified, without A/C- R = Unspecified fuel, with A/C- D = Diesel, with A/C- H = Hybrid, with A/C- I = Hybrid, without A/C- E = Electric, with A/C- C = Electric, without A/C- L = LPG/Gas, with A/C- S = LPG/Gas, without A/C- G = Petrol, with A/C- Z = Petrol, without A/C- U = Ethanol, with A/C- X = Ethanol, without A/CThis standardized system allows customers to choose the vehicle best suited to their rental needs, taking into account size, number of doors, type of transmission and fuel, and whether it has air conditioning or not. We are committed to providing clear and transparent information to ensure an easy and satisfying car rental experience.
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