Toll transponder devicepe

Toll transponder devicepe
The motorway A22 Algarve and other country designated former SCUTS, work automatically. A transponder is available on the delivery of the car by 1.85 EUR/day with a maximum of 18.50EUR. The tolls used during the rental will be charged 48 hours after the car return by credit card.
Customers wishing to use the device will have to mention it on the delivery of the car under a penalty of fine in the amount of 20EUR for the use of without prior activation device.
The toll transponder can also be used on the following unmanned operated toll system: 
- A4 Porto/ Bragança motorway                     - A27 Litoral Norte motorway
- A13 Santarém motorway                              - A28 Litoral Norte motorway
- A17 Costa de Prata motorway                     - A29 Costa de Prata motorway
- A19 Leiria motorway                                      - A33 Montijo/ Lisboa Sul motorway
- A23 Beira Interior motorway                         - A41 Grande Porto motorway
- A24 Interior Norte motorway                         - A42 Grande Porto motorway
- A25 Beira Litoral/ Beira Alta motorway


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