SCDW PLUS - Full Insurance

SCDW PLUS - Full Insurance
Although CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is included, in the event of an accident the client should pay up to the following list of excess:
 Group A,B,C,D  - €1.250,00;
Group E, H and H1 - €1.500,00;
Group G, G1, G2, J, J1 and J2 - €2.000,00;
Group K and M - €3.000,00;
To eliminate this deductible the Client should pay an additional insurance (called SCDW - PLUS) in the amount of:
€12,00 per day for Groups A,B,C,D;
€14,00 per day for Groups H, H1, E, E1;
€17,00 per day for groups J, J1, G, G1, G2
€24,00per day for the Groups K and M.
Lost keys, fuel mistakes, clutch and steering wheel box not included.
From 24.00€
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