Vilamoura Car Hire

Holidays in Vilamoura will prove to be everything you expected from the Algarve. But that shouldn't come as a surprise; it's as if the creators of the resort thought long and hard about what holidays in Vilamoura should comprise – and then went ahead and built it.

Of course, they started with the basic ingredients for wonderful Vilamoura holidays. Sun, sand and sea are an irresistible combination and there are two large, sandy beaches stretching away on either side of the marina. One is quieter; perfect for getting away from the crowd and watching the inside of your eyelids, in peace. The other – Falesia Beach – buzzes with life, with its snack bars, myriad sunloungers and colourful umbrellas.

So holidays in Vilamoura are definitely beach-based. But there is so much more to do away from the sea. Take a last minute holiday to Vilamoura and you'll find yourself literally spoilt for choice. There's a huge variety of cafes, bars and restaurants , plus fashionable boutiques and shops, as well as a whirlwind of bars, a casino and clubs centred around the chic marina.

All inclusive holidays in Vilamoura also give plenty of opportunity to exercise. There are four championship-level golf courses nearby and over 50 tennis courts. There's squash, cycling and hiking through the protected woodlands to the Northwest of the resort, so a cheap holiday to Vilamoura is certainly packed with action. In fact, the place was made for it!


Avenida Infante Sagres 171 Quarteira
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